“I really made a wise decision having my jewelry customized by Nicklehead! It was the talk of the town in our recent homecoming reunion. My necklace and matching bracelet gave life to my boring wardrobe which was a repurposed old garment. Now my former classmates are having their jewelry customized too! Nicklehead Custom Jewelry is for keeps!”


Ira Tucson, WI

“My wife and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary last fall and she was blown away by my present, a complete set of customized jewelry by Nicklehead Custom Jewelry. It was an emotional moment for her because each piece had been carefully thought out, her birthstone was the center of the collection along with her favorite hues with our initials embedded on the stone. I was simply amazed by the people who created the set as they were able to capture the specifications that I ordered, as if they had a mind reader or something. Now my wife just couldn’t go anywhere without it. I’m just so happy she loved it.”


Jack Riley, MI

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