Neck It Out!

Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in Blog

Neck It Out!

Accessorizing can make or break an outfit so it’s very important that you know simple rules on what goes with what so hopefully this simple article can give you an insight on how you can accessorize successfully.

Since the neckline is the first to be seen when you walk in a room, it’s best to start with that.  Whether to wear a necklace or not depends on the outfit itself.  Should you be wearing tops or shirts that surpass the collar bone such as turtlenecks or collar shirts, ditch the necklace and settle for earrings instead, leaving your neck area uncongested. Doing so would maintain line of sight from your face to your neck creating a leaner illusion.

A “V” neckline is a tricky one; you must choose a piece that parallels with the contours of the blouse and also long enough to drop along with the “V” not above it.  It’s definitely a no-no to match rounded pieces with a V-neck top.

Round jewelry pieces such as pearls or beads are a perfect complement for round necklines.  Round necklaces would tend to add volume along your neck area so it’s perfect for lean-framed individuals but if the shape of your face is circular to oval, it’s better to settle for a V-neck blouse.

Accessories should complement the outfit and should not overpower it so careful selection of jewelry would benefit you in the long run and avoid hassle when dressing up.

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