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Special Gifts for a Year of Bliss!

Special Gifts for a Year of Bliss!

Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in Blog

Special Gifts for a Year of Bliss!

So you and your girlfriend are celebrating a year of togetherness and you wanted to give her the perfect present but then you’re stuck.  Don’t panic, almost every boyfriend has been through that situation so this article is intended to guide you at least on what to give your lovey-dovey.

First, think of your budget.  You wouldn’t want to go broke just to impress.  A woman appreciates a man who is generous but responsible as well.  Set a margin for cost, from there you’d be able to narrow down the choice list.

Second, think of your loved one and her interests.  Is she into books, movies, jewelry, or sports?  Delve into her hobbies, consider her personality.  Would she appreciate a new book or VIP seats at the Super Bowl, or a set of customized jewelry like those at Nicklehead Custom Jewelry. This would also test how well you know your girlfriend so be keen!

Sometimes, a girl likes to be surprised.  Use your creativity to prepare something special for her.  A spa session would be an intimate experience for both of you or to make it extra special, why don’t you give her a massage yourself?  Set up your room spa-style, light some candles or incense to set the mood, and use aromatic oils to make the experience more sensual.

Well, these are just some tips that can guide you for that perfect anniversary gift but whatever you give, it’s the dedication that you’ve put into it that matters.

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